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awwww yeah

dear pistol,
i'm 17, an alcoholic and i sleep with everyone. i have no respect for anyone or anything, and all i want to do is self-destruct. i keep losing friends and hurting the ones i have. i think i may have a STD and i won't tell any of my partners, can you please help me?

slutty in north seattle

dear slutty,
until you hit rockbottom and want to change your situation any advice i give you is going to be lost. though here is some. get friends that support change. try and give up one thing at a time, like drinking, then sex can follow. i truly hope you can turn your life around, and maybe someday become a productive member of our society.

dear pistol,
i try and keep up with all the latest trends; converse, bitchpants, bitchbangs, but i'm always a step behind. my friends say i should start my own trends, but i fear i'm not daring enough. is there anything i can do keep with the trends but not seem like a poser?

poser girl from west seattle

dear poser girl,
maybe you should start going to more shows, or spend time at the redlight. see what the scenesters are wearing, then modify it to what fits you best. i recommend buying the following items; a neck scarf, striped socks, blue eyeliner, a bright red sweater, and a rosary. those are my predictions for what is cool this fall.

dear pistol,
i am single and good looking but i cannot find a mate. i don't know what is wrong, my bestfriend says it's because i'm so cool that people get scared. is it possible that there are no good mates in seattle?

single on queen anne

dear single,
now it is possible that you overestimate yourself and are ugly as fuck. though i think that your hypothesis is correct. there are no suitable mates in seattle. the seattle scene kids are fucked up and shitty. your best bet is to move, or become celibate.

you can reach pistol at iheartdietsoda@hotmail.com he is a certified scenester, and he currently reigns over the seattle scene.
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