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Boycott Adidas' use of kangaroo leather!

Most kangaroos are shot in the outback at night. According to the Australian government 7 million kangaroos can be killed this year but that number does not include the joeys (baby kangaroos) who are also killed when their mothers are shot. The real number will be closer to 11 million. Because the large and male kangaroo are targeted for their skins, certain species of kangaroo could become endangered.

Adidas has been heavily promoting their kangaroo leather soccer cleat the 'Predator' around the world. Let’s show Adidas that their days of preying on kangaroos are over!

Join activists around the world on Saturday, August 31 for the launch of the International Boycott of Adidas by organizing an event in your own town.

Current list of events taking place (including one in Portland) see: http://www.vivausa.org/Campaigns/Kangaroo/adidasdayofaction-list.htm

Also: Call Adidas at 800/448-1796 or send an e-mail to: Consumer.Relations@adidasus.com and tell them you are going to boycott Adidas until they stop using kangaroo leather.
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