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awww yeah *knocks knees*

now i know that you are all DYING to know how my night went with the miss selling(out) and sorry to disappoint you all, but it wasn't as drama filled as i thought it would be. true, she did say she had seen me around, and all that non sense, but no "didn't you call me a cunt at the one line drawing show?" phew, i wasn't in the mood for confrontation. basically we talked about bitchpants and emo. mostly bitchpants, she's fucking in love with the zine now i guess, since she kept talking about bitchpants to everyone. oh yeah, uh huh uh huh uh huh. well, goddamn, after the show (which we all know was not promising greatness) i went hom, and fucking fought with neal and brenda, oh well, it's their fucking fault it they don't like how i fucking dress. whatev. well, i had pancakes, and then i went to bed.
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