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Baby, I dig you

I like scenes, I just don't like scenesters.

Why can't we all just say, "I like going to shows and meeting fun people and dancing" It is sad how many people lose sight of the true beauty of music because of stupid fucking scene politics. Ok, so maybe this person has spock rock hair and wears tight black hip bitchpants and a Hives button, and this person has hacked-away crusty hair and wears cutoff carhart bitchpants and a Food Not Bombs patch, but they are both entitled to enjoy life and music. It should be common to see these two different people at the same show! Rockin' music is rockin no matter who plays it! Every person is still a person, no matter how they knock their knees! I may not really relate to someone, or I may even find their style of existence silly, but I ought to still see them as living breathing rocking beings. No one is above anybody else. (unless of course you are in with Bitchpants, which is a different matter entirely!)

Let's all just keep on dancing! Bitchpants of the world unite!
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